Rg6 cable


Capturing Secured Videos and Live Streams

Ankita Industries keep on upgrading itself towards fulfilling commitments, done to the customers. Our skilled hands are behind the bulk production of these high-utility cables. Our cables are available in variety of specifications and are designed to power appliances/instruments like computers, communications, instrumentation, sound control, domestic industrial computers, security systems, audio and data transmission.

From the Technical House of Chief RG-6 Cables Manufacturers

These products are highly upgraded and competent enough to protect signal fidelity by reducing crosstalk and noise. These flexible wires deliver best-in-class protection all around and are used in the installation of all the electrically operated machines such as PC,Television and Internet purpose .


  • Protects signals from external electromagnetic interference
  • For both analog and digital transmission
  • Greater bandwidth for receiving maximum number of channels
  • Very low Attenuation or signal losses
  • Technically advanced
  • Negligible crosstalks

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