Cat5e 4 pair

CAT5E 4 PAIR in Delhi

Highly Productive Networking CAT5E Cables

Just like CAT5E- 2 pair, CAT5E- 4 pair ethernet cables have 4 pair of twisted cables which are used in data transmitting and receiving. The displayed cable collection provides performance of up to 100 Mbps and is suitable for most of the varieties of Ethernet over twisted pair cables. Furthermore, these cables are used in structured cabling for computer networks, ensuring a high-performance LAN.We are the top CAT5E 4 PAIR Suppliers and Exporters in Delhi.

Eminent Manufacturers of Technologically Advanced Cables

At Ankita Industries, we offer core technologically advanced cables which are compatible with the most superior networking switch gears. We are the Eminent CAT5E 4 Pair Manufacturers in Delhi. Moreover, these cables provide an express-speed performance of up to 250 MHz. Also, because of the unique zero-interference features inbuilt in them, no annoying crosstalk is experienced during the data transfer process.


  • Sturdy construction
  • High tensile strength
  • Great picture and video quality
  • Wires are made of quality raw materials
  • Made by Skilled technical professionals
  • Precise dimensions


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