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Coaxial Cable in Nashik

Top Coaxial Cable Manufacturers in Nashik

Our use of the latest technology enables us reduce the rejection level at all stages and improves the productivity of machines. In this way, we enhance the quality of our cables. Our offered cables are highly durable and don’t get worn off easily. If you want to order in bulk, then we fulfil the bulk requirements also.

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Coaxial cables are the special type of copper cables which are specifically fabricated using a metal shield and other components. Our engineers have used these shields to block the signal interference. Also, these wires prevents any shock in case of any wire breakage as these are insulated with high-quality copper insulation.We are Eminent Coaxial cable Suppliers and Exporters in Nashik.


  • Easier than EMT conduit & conventional wire
  • Flame retardant
  • Thick and flexible metallic armor
  • Reduces the need for multiple cable types for the installation purpose
  • Reduces cable type for installation
  • Reduces cable inventory requirements
  • Customized designs
  • Easier than EMT conduit & conventional wire
  • Faster installation


The paramount range of cables and wires provides top-quality service and are extremely customizable. You can find these cables and wires in homes, establishing a connection from television to the socket. Also, there are various security agencies which use these cables for advanced data transmission. Our cables have high bandwidth.

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These products are highly upgraded and competent enough to protect signal fidelity by reducing crosstalk and noise. These flexible wires deliver best-in-class protection all around and are used in the installation of all the electrically operated machines such as air conditioners, refrigerators, and motors. Visit our website to know more about our products

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The applications include 3 Ghz frequency for CATV, HDTV, TV antenna, and video distribution. Apart from this, when it comes to distributing quality video transmission, it delivers super quality video display.

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